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Researcher. Flutist. Creative Placemaker.


Meera Chakravarthy is a cultural artist who blends the depth of arts research with the practice of energizing place. She is committed to fusing pockets of music and art throughout the world, identifying that mixing and blending cultures through art is how societies relate. As a child of Indian immigrants growing up in the suburbs of Kansas, her artistic influences were very disparate, ranging from Indian classical to western classical. Meera received her undergraduate degree in music under the great flutist Dr. Brooks de Wetter Smith, exploring ethnomusicology, specifically how the flute influenced spiritual music in multiple cultures beyond the western society. She also has a degree in economics and wrote her thesis on evaluating the outcomes of creative placemaking, a concept she has deeply been involved with as a practitioner and an academic.

Meera is currently an artist in Washington, DC and hosts a variety of workshops and events that explore how artists' cultural identity relates to the work they produce. She is also a member of DC based world music bands ranging from West African to Indian music.  Meera is committed to bringing cross cultural diplomacy through the arts. This has led her to places like Mali, India, and Indonesia, where she has not only performed and learned from musicians, but engaged in conversations on using arts as a conduit for international development. In her world, real fulfillment is attained when she's at the intersection of creating art, conducting research, and activating the spaces and people around her. 



Read publications and a thesis on the importance of putting arts and culture in the center of community planning and our daily economic and social decisions.

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Navigate through the music of different cultural ensembles with a focus on redefining the western flute in modern society. 

Music Projects


Explore various workshops and events related to culture, music, dance, and the importance of place-based art.

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Meera was awarded the 2019-2020 District of Columbia Artist Fellowship Grant for $8,000 dollars on behalf of her work as a cultural artist in the city. Stay tuned to see what comes out of this fellowship! 

District of Columbia Grant

In 2019, Meera performed twice on the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, once with Cheick Hamala Diabate and once with local singer songwriter Sara Ghebremichael .


View performances here 

Cheick Hamala Diabate - Millennium Stage

Songwriter Series - Millennium Stage

Kennedy Center

On behalf of the Tributary Project in 2019, Meera wrote and was awarded a grant from the Montgomery County Arts Council for $4,000.  

Montgomery County Grant

Awards & Honors